Simple Steps to Prevent Falls at Home

Jul 2, 2021 | Everyday Health

The chance of falling increases with age. This may be caused by health conditions, medications, or even simple physical changes. However, falling doesn’t have to be a part of aging. There are many ways to help prevent falls at home. 

Tips to Prevent Falls

Here are some great tips to help prevent falls at home:

  • Avoid climbing on things and reaching for high shelves
  • Use a nightlight or place a lamp by your bed
  • Keep the lights on in your hallway at night 
  • Move any cords out of high traffic areas
  • Install grab bars by the shower and toilet 
  • Keep high traffic areas free of clutter
  • Put a bell on your pet to avoid tripping on them
  • Wear shoes or socks that have rubber grippers on the bottom


Talking to your doctor can help you lower your risk of falling. Take time to review your risks of falling with your doctor to help you prevent falls at home.